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21 Weeks – Dr Visit

Today was my 21 week Dr visit. It was really rather uneventful. They were running behind schedule so I had to wait a little longer than usual. It was nothing too bad though.

Everything looked good with baby boy. His heartbeat was 151 bpm. I think that was the same as it was on the ultrasound last week. He is consistent, if nothing else. Ha! He moves around a lot in the afternoon and at night. Mornings are his sleepy time. Lets hope he figures out the days and nights before he’s born.

I’m measuring on track for 21 weeks. Blood pressure is perfect these days (I check it every night.) And +0 lbs gained this month so that’s good.

I go back to the doctor in a month and I’ll have to do my glucose tolerance test. That is never fun! Lets hope I can pass the 1-hour test so that I can avoid the 3-hour test this time!

One other cute unborn baby story … I said the baby likes to play in the afternoon, but he really seems to like country music. When I’m driving home from work, he’ll dance and wiggle along with the music. Go baby go!