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Baby Book Preview

Baby Book Preview

Noah’s Baby Book and Photo Album arrived in the mail today. I am soooo happy with it. I think it’s very cute and will be perfect for him.

Here are a few pictures:

This is the main photo on the front of the baby book.

First Year Calendar, Baby Book, and Photo Album
The adorable stickers that came with the calendar

I was showing Mike all of Noah’s new things tonight and talking to him about some of the pages in the baby book like the family tree. And Mike suggested that maybe I should go ahead and fill in as much of the information as I can now and then just start with the new stuff when Noah gets here.
And sadly, I had to admit that I had not even finished filling in Emily’s baby book. And … very sadly … in fact, I can’t even find her baby book right now. And if I could find her baby book, I would be filling that out before I start on the next one. I do have a lot of the details written down, but just not in her book.
Just for fun, one more picture of the crib bedding. This is the main picture of Noah’s Ark on the crib quilt. The top and bottom of the quilt says “Two By Two By Two”. We always make sure that there are two of each kind of animal. Some of the Noah’s Ark bedding and accessories only have one of each kind of animal. That just does not seem right to us!

We have ordered several other accessories for Noah’s room. His room is going to be so cute! I can’t wait for all his things to arrive.