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Goosey Goosey Gander

On Thursday as I was leaving work, I was walking out of our office building and I heard some hissing nearby. I looked and there was a huge goose sitting in one of the concrete planters by the front of the building. And it was hissing. At me!

I quickly side stepped and went around that freakishly large thing. I was thinking “that thing was hissing. At me!” Probably sitting on some eggs or something. It kinda reminded me of myself .. caring for my unborn baby. But just so you know, I wouldn’t hesitate to smack it with my lunch bag if it came after me. Because, really, I’m caring for my unborn baby too. So back off, Goosey!

Then Friday afternoon when I came out of the building, I noticed that the big concrete planter was taped off with caution tape. But there was no big huge goose. And there was an awful stench coming from the area. So that leaves me to wonder what they did to the goose. I hope they didn’t hurt her or her eggs! The thought almost made me cry. But it didn’t.

Is the goose cooked? Is she gone for good? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.