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Happy Easter!

We’ve had a long day today. This morning after breakfast, Mike asked Emily and I if we were wanting to go to BabiesRUs today. I loved the fact that he suggested it and so we headed over there after lunch. Emily and I picked out a few random things for baby brother. We looked at crib bedding, but we didn’t find anything that we loved.

This afternoon, we ran a few errands and brought home some BBQ for supper. Before we even got to eat, Emily had a huge accident involving ketchup. Don’t ask – it was bad. While we ate, I boiled some eggs so that we could dye them tonight.

And dye them we did. We had enough to dye two eggs of each color. I think Emily had a good time, but it was a very messy experience. I’m pretty sure my tablecloth is stained for good.

But it’s all good because we’ve got these beautiful eggs to enjoy. They are covered in Princess stickers, of course.

And while we were dying the eggs, I made some marshmallow sheep. I read about these in Southern Living this month and they looked so cute. I didn’t think they would be too difficult to make even though they required a lot of ingredients – things I didn’t have in my kitchen.
The Southern Living magazine didn’t give really good instructions, but it is basically Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies covered with mini marshmallows for the body, brown Peanut M&M’s for the legs, another cookie for the head, mini marshmallows for the ears, mini marshmallows for the eyes and mini chocolate chips for the eyeballs. White candy coating holds everything together.
It was not too hard to put everything together, but I only got two of them made before I was just too tired to continue. I was going to make them for our Sunday School class, but that just was not going to happen. Maybe another day!
So after we got everything cleaned up in the kitchen, we had to put out a plate of food for the Easter Bunny. Emily chose a bunch of baby carrots and we made them into a smile. I think it turned out really cute. I hope the Easter Bunny likes it!

I guess we’ll see in the morning …