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I Had

  • I had one of those busy days at work where everyone wanted something and they all wanted it RIGHT NOW.
  • I had, thankfully, a good night of sleep last night, despite the weather, despite the noise, and despite this nasty cough/cold thing.
  • I had a big surprise when I left work this evening and it was so so windy. The car door actually slammed on my arm. Ouch!
  • I had a lovely quiet supper at Chick-Fil-A tonight with my one-and-only.
  • I had, also, a shake while we were there. Chocolate. Large. BIG mistake.
  • I had seven kids in my Cubbies class tonight. Only one with two time-outs. We made collages. And they all like the games that I make up every week. Somehow, all the games end with everyone learning their Bible verse. I like to play games with blank pieces of paper, but I pretend that each piece says something on it. I’m cool like that.
  • I had a lady tell me tonight that her 18-month-old son gets up in the middle of the night and eats everything he can find. One night he ate four bananas. Is that a typical boy thing? Or is that just nuts?
  • I had a problem on my way home from Cubbies tonight. Lets just say, as a pregnant woman, I hate sneezing. It’s so hard to control and so awful when it happens. Kegal exercises, anyone?
  • I had to avoid going to bed for a half hour after I took my prenatal vitamins tonight. Have to do this every night. But normally it’s not this late.
  • I had a long day. I’m tired. I’m going to bed.
  • I had to come back and say good night. Good night!