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Late Easter Post

Have I ever mentioned that we have a fabulous Easter bunny? I mean we have the most beautiful Easter baskets and they are chock full of goodies that kids and parents love. (Because I know that Cadbury Egg was really for me. I mean, it had to be for me. No I didn’t eat it, but it’s not over til it’s over.)

And you know I am totally digging the fact that Easter Bunny brought TWO baskets this year.

And Emily is totally digging that fact too. (Like her nightgown? It’s kinda new. And very cute.)

And speaking of digging, you obviously just DIG right into that big basket.

Oh! She found something she liked!

And she liked this one too – a girl after her mother’s own heart. It’s actually pretty neat. She’s got all kinds of plans for helping me in the garden. That’s great because I need a lot of help this year.

And this is my favorite picture. Partly because of my beautiful girl. And partly because of two bunnies – my two babies! You can tell Emily is so excited about this too.

(And aren’t her bangs just cute? I cut them the night before. Maybe a tiny bit too short?)
Oh and did I ever show you our princess Easter eggs?

You gotta admit they are very beautiful.