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Somebody’s Happy About Their Baby Brother

This weekend, we were on a mission. We found some baby crib bedding online that we liked, but I wanted to see it in person to make sure the colors were what I was expecting. We thought we might find it in a couple different local stores (they had it on their website) so we made several stops.

Every time we would go into a store, I would pick out several little boy outfits that were on sale. But by the time we were ready to leave the store, I always put the clothes back because I know we will get some other things before the baby comes.

He’ll be born in the heat of the summer, but it won’t be long before it starts getting cooler. So it’s hard to shop when you don’t know how big he’ll be when he’s born. (Emily was 5lbs, 8oz when she was born.)

So anyway, at the last stop Mike picked out something that he wanted to get and Emily picked out something too. It was fun getting just a couple things.
The other night, I wanted to take some pictures of the things we bought over the last couple weeks. Emily noticed what I was doing and wanted to get picture with every item.

Did you notice Emily’s poor raw nose? We’ve been putting medicine on it every night and it’s looking better today. Also, I noticed that just about everything we bought was blue. I need to work on branching out to try other little boy colors. Just give me some time … I’m new at this!