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Special Person

Emily was the special person of the day today at school. That means she got to be the special helper today. Each of her classmates also colored a picture of Emily and they made a Special Person book for her to take home.

Emily also colored a picture of herself, but the teacher is posting all of those along with an interview sheet for each child in the classroom. Emily didn’t remember all the questions, but she said they wanted to know her favorite color and she said pink and green. Mike and I were surprised and mentioned that we thought she would just pick pink. But she said “I like pink and green because I stay on green (on the behavior chart at school) every day”. Yes, she does – my sweet girl.

Some of the pictures were pretty funny. My camera battery was dead tonight so I’m recharging it and will post pictures soon. She also made a fingerprint counting book that was very cute. Another thing that will have to wait until another day.

Boys Vs Girls

The other night, Emily was taking a bath and we were talking about all the things we would do with baby boy. I told her that she could help me give him a bath. She said “I will, but he can’t take a bath in the bathtub with me.” I’m not really sure why she said that, but may have been a pretty smart observation. (I wouldn’t want a boy to pee in my bath water either!)