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Weekend Recap and Sleeping Arrangements

This weekend started out as a busy one, but it ended up on a quiet note.

We had an appointment early on Saturday morning to get Emily’s spring/Easter pictures taken with Madison and Mason. We actually got out of the house on time (See sidenote below) but we didn’t get very before before we got a phone call from Cherry. Our photographer had a family emergency and couldn’t meet us. Cherry did some calling around and found someone else who could take pictures for us.

*Sidenote: We have an AWFUL time getting Emily dressed most of the time. Everything is too tight or doesn’t feel good or whatever. She has been complaining about her Sunday Schools shoes for several weeks so we stopped by the shoe store on Friday night to find some new and larger shoes. I saw down on the floor in the shoe store and let her try on many pairs in different sizes. She finally found one that wasn’t too tight and didn’t hurt her feet .. but it was a size 9 1/2 wide. It was SO big on her little foot! So I did a little switcheroo and got a pair in size 8 1/2. She thinks the shoes she has are the ones she picked and so they miraculously do not hurt her feet.

Anyway, as I said, Cherry luckily found someone else to take our pictures so we drove across town to meet them. We went out to the University of Oklahoma and took some pictures around the beautiful campus. It was a beautiful day and I think we will end up with some really cute pictures. We also did Emily’s 5-year-old pictures while we were out there. By that time, she had all but lost interest in the whole process but I think they will still be good.

When we got finished with the pictures, it was just about lunch time and Mama was hungry! Mike and Emily and I went around the corner to Hideaway Pizza and shared a delicious pizza. I forget what it was called, but it was so so good!

Sleep Update

Mike got his CPAP machine the same day he went to the doctor last week (that tells you how serious his sleep apnea was!) It took him a while to get everything set up, but he slept very well after that was done. He did not snore at all so I didn’t have to get up out of bed. Unfortunately, that first night is when I had leg cramps several times during the night. I was so frustrated! The first night I could get some sleep and I couldn’t get any sleep.

Since that night, Mike has been sleeping well. He doesn’t even get up during the night. And he’s much more rested during the day. The doctor told him not to go to sleep at all without using the machine. The doctor is taking this very seriously now and so is Mike.

I have been sleeping well too. I have not had any more leg cramps since that first night although my calf is still a bit sore. It is so nice to be able to rest well.

Suffice it to say, that machine is a keeper.


Tuesday 27th of April 2010

hum...I think we need a picture of Mike with the CPAP on!