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What is this pain?

Yesterday at work, I started having what I think is sciatic nerve pain. I just call it “booty pain”. It’s only on one side – the left side, but it sure hurts when I walk.

Then after I got home from work, I also started getting a pain/ache in my left side. At first, I thought maybe the baby was pressing on a nerve but it soon became clear that the pain was worse than that. I drank a glass of water, took some Tylenol and then went to relax in the bath. After a while the pain did go away so I went ahead and got out of the tub and went back to the living room (to work on our taxes – in case you didn’t notice, April 15th is next week!)

Well, unfortunately, the pain came back again. I tried drinking more water and eventually went back to the bath. Again, the pain went away after a while. I got out of the bath and the pain eventually came back again. I began to realize that my side did not hurt when my bladder was full, but a few minutes after I emptied it the pain would begin to come back.

I eventually did go to sleep in my recliner. Every time I woke up to go to the bathroom, I would also get a BIG drink of water. And I felt okay when I woke up this morning I immediately went to get a big drink of water and I’ve been drinking lots of water all day today. So far, I’ve been okay – just tired. I’m thinking it may have been a kidney stone or something. Whatever it was, I hope it does not come back!!!

Tonight I seriously considered asking Mike to take a picture of me and my 21 week belly. I just couldn’t do it though. It is so against my nature.

I’m almost exclusively wearing maternity clothes now. After the heat wave last weekend, I decided that I need to get some shorts or capris. Jeans are way too hot when it’s 85 degrees outside! This weekend is supposed to be nice though so maybe I can make it another week or two.