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28 Week Ultrasound

This afternoon was our 28 week ultrasound with the maternal fetal specialist. Mike and Emily came up to go with me to the doctor. We had to wait a long time, but we finally got called back to the ultrasound room.

The technician checked out Noah with the ultrasound for a long time. She showed us the four chambers of the heart, the long bones in the legs, different parts of the brain, the belly, the kidneys etc. When we first started, he was head down with his feet up in my ribs. The he later moved so that he was laying across me.

We got to see some cute cheeks. He had his hands by his face most of the time, but we did get to check out his face a few times. We saw some adorable little hands and feet. Some of them were 3D/4D images, but some of the pictures didn’t turn out too great. He was still cute though!

Noah was measuring perfectly for 28 weeks and the technician said he was about 2lbs, 9 oz. Just perfect!

After the technician was done with her scan, the doctor (eventually) came in to take a look. He said Noah looked great and he didn’t see anything concerning. I asked him if we needed to do anything differently and he said to keep doing what we’re doing. He said we’re doing great, but he wants to see us back in about 6 weeks for another check.

We’re so grateful for the good news and the good ultrasound. Can’t wait for this baby boy to get here!