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Good, Better, Best

Today was Emily’s last day of school for this year. Her last day of Pre-K ever. She got her report card today and it was GOOD. She passed every skill, of course.

In her Pre-K class, they have a color chart that they use to track behavior. Green is GOOD. Blue is a warning. Yellow is worse than that. And Red is a trip to the principal’s office. Emily, proudly, has stayed on GREEN every day this whole year. And that is GOOD!

This is what Emily looked like this morning on the way to school.

Do you remember what she looked like on her first day of Pre-K? Check it out here.

Isn’t she just growing up right in front of our eyes?

Today while I was at home, I called my doctor’s office to see if they had the results from my glucose tolerance test that I took last week. The nurse called me back later and said that the results were normal. I told you that’s what it would be, but I feel BETTER now that I know for sure.
I also worked on cleaning and organizing in Emily’s room today. I had a lot of baby things stored in her closet and I was trying to get everything sorted out so that I can move some of it to Noah’s room soon. I don’t know about you, but I clean and organize with a large trash bag in hand.
Anything that has seen better days goes into the trash bag. It’s much easier to clean this way when Emily is not around though. And the bag has to be gone by the time she comes back!
When Emily got home from school, I put her to work putting away her things in her room. She is a good helper if I give her specific directions. “Gather up all the shoes and put them on the shelf.” “Find all the baby doll clothes and put them in this suitcase.” “How many books can you find? Put them on your desk.”
When Dad got home, we went to eat at Ted’s to celebrate the last day of school. It was good Mexican food tonight, but Emily was more interested in checking out the other diners than eating her dinner. Lately, she has become an expert people watcher. I have to remind her often to keep her eyes over at our table.
Tomorrow, Emily and I are going to spend the day together. And I think that’s the BEST news of all. We don’t have any specific plans, but we are going to try to find something fun to do. We might go shopping. We might go play at the park. We’ll definitely try to get some things done at home. But I know we will have a great time.

I made some phone calls yesterday and was finally able to talk to a guy about our shed. He wanted to schedule us for Tuesday, June 1, but I said I really needed it earlier than that – before Memorial Day. He said their schedule was booked until then, but there was this one customer who had inquired about delaying their installation date because their building site was not ready. And IF they change their install date, then we can get our building installed on Friday, May 28. He called it an “outside chance” that we could get installed on that date, but I explained that we were expecting a baby soon and we NEEDED to get this building in before Memorial Day. So we are praying that we’ll be able to get the date that we need and everything will work out. At this point, I just have to turn it over to God and let him work out all the details.
And A Funny
This morning when Emily and I were on our way to school, Emily and I were chattering about different things. She said that “Daddy works on suitcases.” I said he doesn’t work on suitcases. And she said “Yes he does. He works on a lot of suitcases at work.” I tried to explain that they’re not suitcases, but they are computer files that are called cases and that Daddy helps people. I am just wondering how many people she has told that her Daddy works on suitcases.