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Spring Storms

As you know, we live in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is known for being in “tornado alley”. On Monday evening, we had some damaging storms in the area. A tornado came through about a mile and a half from our house. There’s a lot of major damage just down the street. As of today (Wednesday), there is only one north-south road that is open out near our house and it has power poles and power lines leaning over the roadway. Some of the cross streets are closed or blocked off.

And the sad thing is that we’re having more bad weather in the state tonight. I think we’re supposed to get storms every day from now until Monday or Tuesday next week.

We lost power on Monday night and finally got it back on Tuesday night. We stayed at home in the dark on Monday night, but we were getting ready to go stay with family on Tuesday. As we were packing our bags, the electricity came back on. I was soooooooo glad!

There are lots of people that had it much, much worse than we did. Many people are in need of our prayers during this time. I can’t drive through the damage area without getting emotional. (I mean, I am plenty emotional right now without seeing all that.) But, it just breaks my heart to think of all those people who worked so hard for what they had and now it’s all destroyed. Just seeing them out in the yards putting tarps over their roof or boarding up part of their house that was damaged, I can’t imagine what they are thinking or feeling.

So all that to say … please pray for these families who have lost their home or who have damage to their home.