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Will it? Wont it?

Will my new storage shed make it in time? For some reason, this is very hard to figure out. The shed company didn’t call me back last night like they said they would. I called this afternoon, but had to leave a message.

When the guy called me back, he said he was “trying really hard” to get me scheduled for next Friday, but they still don’t know for sure. He said one of their workers fell off a ladder and hurt himself today.

Apparently, he fell down on some boards on the ground chest first. He has no broken bones, but is in a lot of pain. And they hope to have him back at work by Wednesday or Thursday next week, but they don’t know for sure. So in the meantime, we sit and wait and pray. The guy said he should know something by Monday or Tuesday and he will call me as soon as he finds out. Uh huh, I think that’s what he told me last time.

I guess they already got my money and so they feel no real need to accommodate me at this point. I am sure they don’t need my business as much as I need my storage shed. That’s typical of companies these days, isn’t it?