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Baby Day

I know the title is “Baby Day”, but I forgot to mention one thing about Father’s Day.

The other week, Emily and I picked out a Father’s Day card for her Daddy. It was sooo cute. It had a caterpillar on it and an alphabetical list of all the wonderful attributes that her dad brings to our lives. And on Sunday morning, Mike was reading the card out loud to us … all these wonderful things … and “Happy Birthday, Dad!”

D’Oh! What was that? What did that card say? Oh yeah, it totally said HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Good job, Mom. Total fail on the card. But Mike was very sweet about it. He said it’s the thought that counts.

And moving on …

So the reason this post is called “Baby Day” is because Noah’s birthday has been tentatively set. My cesarean section is tentatively scheduled for Friday, August 6, 2010. Sounds like a good day to me! It’s only about 6 weeks away, which makes me a little nervous but I think it will be good.

When Mike got home tonight, I told him that August 6th was Noah’s tentative birth date. He thought that sounded like one of his relative’s birth dates so after supper he went to his family tree stuff and looked it up. He found out that it was not the person he thought, BUT there was someone who was born on August 6th. On August 6, 1910, Mike’s grandpa’s brother was born. And his name was Noah Smith! Isn’t that wild?? 100 years later, there may be another Noah Smith born in the family line. Very cool, if you ask me.

Like I said, this date is tentative. I have been having slight blood pressure issues with this pregnancy just like I had when I was pregnant with Emily. When I went to the doctor last week, my blood pressure was elevated and I had to lay on my left side for a while and then have my blood pressure rechecked. When the nurse checked it again, my blood pressure was fine.

Minor grossness ahead so skip this paragraph if you’re so inclined … the doctor had me do a 24-hour urine capture to check for protein in the urine that might indicate the beginnings of preeclampsia. This is more of a baseline reading so that we can measure changes against this one if we have to do this again in the last few weeks of my pregnancy.

My doctor always stays on top of things with my pregnancies so I feel very comfortable with her watching me these final weeks. I know she will not hesitate to do what she needs to do to keep me and baby safe.

Another funny thing that happened … this morning before work, I had to take my “sample” to the doctor’s office and get some blood drawn to go along to the lab with it. So the lab tech at my doctor’s office is always the one to draw the blood samples. She knows me by name and the difficulties with my veins (and always sorta cringes when I walk in). Sometimes she gets blood on the first stick. Other times it takes her SEVERAL tries. This morning, in fact, it took her three tries (including one in my hand) to get a tube of blood.

So this morning, the lab tech lady was telling me that she was going to be out of office on medical leave for a couple weeks starting this Friday. And she was concerned about the girl who was going to be taking her place because “sometimes she can be rough”. And she doesn’t like to turn over her “difficult patients” (Who? me?) to this person because she doesn’t always have the patience to do a good job.

And I was thinking that this person just took THREE sticks to get a tiny tube of blood and she’s worried about someone else being “rough”? I’m pretty sure I would much rather have someone who’s a little rough who can get it on one stick than someone who’s gentle and takes three or more stabs! I don’t know, I just thought it was funny that she said that to me this morning.

So anyway, mark your calendars and put a big question mark beside it. At least we know that Noah will be here on that date or before. Six more week or less until we meet our sweet boy. Wow, I’m overwhelmed!


Tuesday 22nd of June 2010

That will be super neato if that works out with another Noah on the same birthday!