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A Long, Productive Weekend

We have had a very busy several days. We are so blessed to have a wonderful family who helps us. We are so thankful for everyone who pitched in this weekend.


On Friday, the shed company came out to build our shed. It took them about 5 hours, but it looked great when they were done. One of the guys told me that he normally works in the factory, but someone called in sick and so they asked him to go with the building crew. I’m just glad they were able to come out when I needed them.

Mike’s dad came out while the builders were there and worked outside in our yard most of the day. He did a lot of weedeating and cleaning up out in the yard. Emily wanted him to play with her instead of working. She even fixed some blankets on the floor by her bed so that Pops could take a nap with her if he got tired.

Friday night, we went to the home improvement store to get shelves for Noah’s closet and some shelves for the new shed.


On Saturday afternoon, my Mom, Heather and Stephen came into town to help us move things into the shed and fix up the baby room. Mike’s mom and dad came out to help too. We put together the shelves for the shed and quickly realized that we were going to need many more shelves than what we purchased. Mike’s parents went to two different home improvement stores to get all the shelving that we needed.

While they were gone, we started packing and organizing boxes that we could move out to the new shed. As soon as they got back, we put up all the shelves. I think we had a total of 9 sets of shelves. That was a lot of work!

Later that night, Stephen and Mike installed some shelves and wire baskets in Noah’s closet. It was complicated to figure out how the shelves went together, but I think they turned out great. Perfect for a little boy’s room.

After the shelves were up, we put all the things we had purchased for Noah into his closet. We also moved a lot of the baby things from Emily’s room to Noah’s closet. Then we cleared the rest of the boxes out of the baby nursery and moved the furniture to get the room ready to paint.


Sunday and Monday were more busy days. But those details will have to wait until another day. Now it’s time for bed.