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37 Weeks – Full Term!

At 37 weeks pregnant, Noah is considered to be full term! That’s exciting news.

The other day, I had a total freak out moment when I realized that I’m having a baby next week. Like, NEXT WEEK! It’s very exciting, but it’s a mini-freak out at the same time. So many wonderful changes are coming for our family and we can hardly wait.

Today was my 37 week doctor’s appointment. My blood pressure was slightly high, but not too bad. I didn’t even have to lay down on my left side so that was a good thing!

Noah measured right on track for 37 weeks. I meant to ask my doctor how much she thought he weighed so that I could put it on my weight “guesstimate” post, but I forgot to ask. I know what she would say though – probably about 7 lbs. That’s what she said with Emily too, but of course she turned out to be quite a bit smaller.

My cervix is still very thin and soft, but I am not dilated yet. So that means we will probably make it to our scheduled cesarean section date next Friday. That is fine with me because we’ll have the special August 6th 100 years later Noah Smith thing.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, I’m doing so well that I will “get to” work until my c-section date. Actually, I’m doing so well that I don’t even have to go to my 38 week appointment next week if I don’t want to. I can just show up at the hospital on Friday for my c-section.

I’m supposed to keep monitoring my blood pressure at home and watch for contractions that are getting worse, but there is really need to show up to the 38 week appointment if things are going well. The doctor said “it’s really kinda pointless to come in since we’re having a baby just a few days later.”

In Other News …

  • Mike’s parents have come out two nights this week to help us get the yard all fixed up before Noah comes. We appreciate their help soooo much! Emily loves it when they come out and wants them to just play with her. But they really got a lot of things done outside and it’s looking great!
  • If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I lost another hubcap on my way to work this morning. This is the fourth hubcap I’ve lost in the last 6 months or so. I’m really disappointed.
  • A couple days ago, I dreamed about Johnnies cake and icing. SO yum. Love dreams like that.
  • I need to pack my hospital bag. Mike REALLY wants me to pack my hospital bag. I do not remember at all what I packed five years ago for Emily’s birth. The only thing I remember is that the nurse told me I couldn’t use my hair dryer in the hospital room, but apparently that was not true. So I’ll be using that sucker this time around.
  • I cooked and froze a couple pans of Spaghetti Pizza this weekend so that we’ll have something to eat in the days after Noah’s arrival. Emily helped quite a bit. We made a pretty big mess in the kitchen. I didn’t buy enough mozzarella cheese for the toppings. I need to put that on my shopping list for this week.
  • I also cooked and froze some Chicken Spaghetti this weekend. It made enough for about 3 dinners. I didn’t buy any Ro-tel tomatoes though. Mike’s mom brought us a can when they came put on Sunday night. But, Emily “helped me” add it to the pot and about half of it ended up on the kitchen floor. *Sigh* It was a VERY long day on Sunday.
  • Nanny invited Emily to spend the night with her on Sunday night. I tried to “encourage” Emily to do this, but she said she would “miss me too much”. Awww, melt my heart! I love my girl.