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Noah’s Baby Shower and Today’s DR Visit

As I mentioned the other day, Noah’s baby shower was over 4th of July weekend. Unfortunately, I did not get a lot of pictures. I did not get pictures of very many of the people who were there, but we had a good crowd.

It was also the family 4th of July cookout and we had a great time.

Emily and I at the gift table. The cute diaper cake again.

A closer picture of the diaper cake. Notice the animals are two-by-two pairs.

Noah’s cake. Isn’t that cute??? More two-by-two animal pairs.

Our little family of four. 🙂

Today’s Doctor VisitToday’s doctor visit went fairly well. My blood pressure was pretty high when I first got there. I think it was something like 150/98, but it went down to 120/68 on recheck later. I do have to do another 24-hour urine check though. Boo! 🙁 I also had my routine Group B Strep test today. The doctor also checked my cervix. I was not dilated at all, but I was almost 100% effaced (this means my cervix has thinned out.) Baby’s head is very low, but I could have told her that. Ha! All this is good and the doctor thinks I will probably not go into labor before August 6th. Of course, all that is up to Noah but things are looking good for an August 6th delivery. My next appointment is scheduled for next week so we’ll see if she still thinks that.