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Quite The Day

Quite The Day

Yesterday was quite the day for us. I slept absolutely awful on Thursday night and was sooo tired when I woke up on Friday morning. I knew I would not be able to make it through a full day at work so I was thinking about logging in to work from home.

Then Mike came in and said that his back was hurting and he needed a day off. He said he would stay home if I would. I said I would if he would. So we both decided to stay home together.

I got to sleep in a little longer and Emily did too. It was soooo nice to lay in bed knowing that I did not have to get up and go fight the traffic on my way to work. I probably could have stayed in bed most of the day. But, of course, I did not.

After breakfast, we started discussing when we wanted to do on our day off together. We had talked earlier in the week about taking Emily to see “Ramona and Beezus” at the theater. In case you didn’t know, the movie is based on the Ramona Quimby book series written by Beverly Cleary. I read these books when I was a young girl and I was excited to share this with Emily.

Mike checked out the theater’s website and found out that the movie was playing at around noon, 3pm, and 6pm. So we decided to go to the noon showing. It was opening day for the movie so we wanted to go to the first showing.

Obviously, we had the whole morning before we had to go the movie. So I might have taken a short nap in my recliner.

Around mid-morning, Mike got a call from his work saying that they had a problem with a case he had worked on and needed him to come in and help at least for a few minutes. He asked a bunch of questions to try to figure out exactly what problem they were having and to see if maybe he could just explain what needed to be done over the phone. He got off the phone and said “Guess what? I’m going to have to go in to work on my day off.” My response? Nooooo, whatever it is can surely wait until Monday!

So about 20 minutes later, Mike’s manager calls back and comes clean. They had planned a baby shower for him and he was ruining it for them! She said that Emily and I were invited to come too since we were home with him that day. Mike agreed to come in for the shower, of course. So we pushed the movie time back to 3:10pm and started getting ready to go to the baby shower.

I wish I had taken pictures while we were there, but his group has gotten sub sandwiches and everyone brought homemade salads and sides. They also had cake and punch. The cake was really yum!

Baby Noah got lots of nice presents. He got probably about a dozen outfits, lots of bibs, several blankets, and a huge basket of “baby basics” like diapers and wipes, baby bath, lotion, and baby oil.

Emily was a big helper while we were opening presents. She was just ripping into everything! I think Mike’s co-workers had a lot of fun watching her. They all said she looked a lot like him. She was being a little shy and would not talk to anyone, but she was really good while we were there.

I was glad we got to go to the shower. It was fun seeing Mike’s work and meeting the people that I hear about all the time. A few of the people worked with Mike at his previous job too and remember when they had a baby shower at his work for Emily. They were tickled to see her growing up.

After the baby shower, we headed back home so that we could get our nap before we had to leave for the movie. Emily hopped in her bed for her nap and I told her that she could get up when the first number on the clock was a 3. (I knew I would have to get her up before this, but she didn’t need to know that part!)

I snuggled into my recliner (again). It’s just much easier for me to sleep in my chair these days. When I lay down flat, things just start hurting and I can never get comfortable. I am sure it did not take me very long at all to go to sleep. And I didn’t wake up until Emily came out of her room at 3pm! Oops!

Mike had been sitting in his chair surfing the web the entire time so I asked him why he didn’t wake us up in time for the movie. He said that I was sleeping so good (and snoring so loud!) that he just couldn’t wake me up because he knew I was tired. So, the 6:20pm showing is our last choice for the day.

We decide to eat supper at Texas Roadhouse and then headed over to the movie theater. The place seemed pretty busy when we got there, but we had plenty of time before our movie started. We got popcorn and cokes and went to find a seat.

Here is a picture of Emily with her popcorn and coke.

She did really well during the movie. She sat in her own chair the whole time and watched the movie. She laughed at several of the scenes and hid her eyes when the parents kissed.I thought the movie was pretty cute. Emily seemed to like it and I did too. I’m glad we finally got to go see the movie! Here are a couple outtakes from our trip to the movie theater. Emily might be mad when she sees these pictures when she’s older, but I think they are funny!”Popcorn” “Heeeey, man!”