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Sisterly Love

This weekend, we took Emily to the Build-A-Bear Workshop to pick out a gift for Noah. Emily went in knowing that she wanted to make him a puppy.

She picked out a cute little puppy and then we went off to find some clothes for him. She picked out a sailor suit with some big black boots. It came with a cute matching hat “just like they wear in the Navy” according to Daddy. And Daddy added some cool shades for him.

In case you were wondering, puppy’s name is “Hearty”.

Emily wanted to get a new outfit for her bunny “Sweetheart” too. She picked out a pink bikini. You heard me right. I won’t allow my child to wear a bikini, but I’ll allow her stuffed animal to wear a bikini. Am I cool or what? Right.

After we finished up at Build-A-Bear, we wanted to go to the Disney Store. Except that they don’t have a Disney Store at the mall where we were. So we decided to go to another mall farther away from our house that has a Disney Store.

But first, I was hungry. I’m always hungry. And I always like pizza. So we went to Hideaway Pizza for lunch. Can you say yum? Yes, it was so so good. I love their homemade ranch dressing with my pizza. It was a perfect lunch spot. Could not have been better.

After lunch, we went ahead and headed up to the other mall to the Disney Store. Emily got a few things with some Disney bucks that we’d had since 2008. Yep, 2008. Wow. She picked out a Hannah Montana game for her Nintendo DS and a notebook and stationery set. It was fun for her to pick out “anything she wanted” and I think she is happy with her choices.

So that was our fun day shopping. We don’t do things like that very often, but we are trying to focus on family in the last few weekends before Noah gets here. In case you haven’t done the math, we have two more weekends before he will be here.

We cannot wait!