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Sizzling Saturday

You guessed it – it is STILL hot at our house. But even with the heat, we still had to get out a run a few errands today. We did not do as much walking as we did at the malls last week. This was definitely a good thing for me!

  • Took my car for an oil change and tire rotation. Took them several hours to get it done. When Mike was following me on the way home, he noticed that one of my hubcaps on the passenger side had fallen off. I’m totally bummed about this because I have been fighting with the hubcaps on my car since winter and I thought I had finally gotten them all to stay on. I think I have lost (and replaced) four hubcaps so far this year. *sigh* Better get one more.
  • We took Emily on a shopping trip to the dollar store to spend some of her “allowance” money that she has recently started earning. She is quite the browser and ended up choosing mostly candy and gum. Better choices next time, I guess.

  • I wanted pizza for lunch so we ended up going to Coach’s. Not as good as the Hideaway pizza that we had last weekend, but we had a good time playing with the camera while waiting for our food.

  • Mike took us girls to Gordman’s so that we could look at some animal photo frames that my mother-in-law told me about. They are SO cute and we had to get one of each animal. Here are a few pictures of the frames on Noah’s bookcases.

I think they are perfect for Noah’s room! Can’t wait to put his little pictures in them.

Don’t forget to enter your guess on Noah’s birth weight. We have only had a couple responses so far and I would love to know how big you think he will be. Click here.