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Waking Up Daddy

I think I have mentioned before that I’ve been having a hard time sleeping at night. I usually wake up to visit the bathroom sometime between 2:30am and 3:00am. And after that, I have a very difficult time going back to sleep. I lie awake and just toss and turn for the rest of the night.

Sometimes I get up and try to get comfortable in my recliner. Or on the couch. Or in Noah’s room. I try just about anything I can think of to get comfortable and go back to sleep.

Unfortunately, Mike’s alarm clock starts going off somewhere around 4:00am or something. And, sadly, he often does not hear his alarm. If I let him, he’ll let it go off for a good half hour at least. Let me tell you, his alarm is LOUD. I can hear it in any other room of the house, even if the bedroom door is closed.

Even our unborn baby can hear his alarm clock! The alarm starts going off and Noah starts wiggling all around in my belly. He’s like “Wake up, Daddy!” and turn that noisy thing off.

But most mornings, Mike needs some intervention in order to get him moving. Depending on which way I’m facing in the bed, I usually either kick him in the leg. Or I just reach over and smack him (hard) a couple times.

And as if that’s not bad enough, sometimes … when Mike comes back into the room … to wake me up I’ll just start fussing at him and telling him that I KNOW he can hear that VERY LOUD alarm clock and he’s just ignoring it.

And, while I’m half-asleep, I’ll give him all kinds of practical advice. Like “Don’t set your alarm so early because your body knows that you don’t have to really get up any time soon.” And “You should try setting your iHome to wake to music from your iPod and then just turn it up really loud.” Or “You need to tell yourself before you go to sleep that you will turn off the alarm when it goes off.” And “Just listen to it!” And “Stop ignoring it!”

Now … if I’m sleeping in my recliner or in another room, I will usually just ignore his alarm too. Oh, I will still hear it. And it will still make me mad. But my body will refuse to get up to go wake him up.

But I can’t ignore it if I’m in the same room. It is just SO loud and annoying. It’s just too easy to smack him and get him to hit the snooze. But, the snooze button only turns off the alarm for 9 minutes. And you’re not supposed to be able to go into a deep sleep in that short amount of time. But many times, Mike will still ignore the alarm when it goes off again nine minutes later … and nine minutes after that …. and nine minutes after that. I just do not understand it.

I KNOW he has to hear it. I just don’t know why he won’t respond to it and turn it off. Unless … he just enjoys getting smacked by his wife at 4:00am every day.

Well, Baby Noah and I would really appreciate it if Daddy would wake up and turn off his alarm clock as soon as possible in the mornings. We need our sleep!

Danielle Taylor

Sunday 1st of August 2010

Oh my! My husband is the same way!! I will never understand for the life of me why he has to set his alarm clock for 45 minutes before he gets up. And he ignores it every single time it goes off!!! Girl I totally feel your pain!