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Being Real

My mom has been staying with us for the past week. She came up the night before we went into the hospital for Noah’s birth and has been staying with us since then. She has helped us with everything – cooking, cleaning, laundry, baby care, mommy care, girlie playmate, expert advice giver and the list goes on.

Today was the day she had to go home and we already miss her. I will admit that I have cried a lot this afternoon and evening. It was time for her to go home and I am fine with that. I will definitely miss having her around. But I also know that things will be more difficult here at home for the next few days as we try to figure out how to live together as a family of four.

Thank you, Mom for everything you have done for us in the last week. We really appreciate everything you have done to make this transition easier on us. We had a lot of fun and we can’t wait until next time you come to visit.

I wanted to share a few pictures with you that Mom and I took this morning before she left. We wanted to get some pictures of Emily too, but she wasn’t ready to have her picture taken yet. We’ll have to work on that another day.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. For now, we’re off to bed. Midnight will come too quickly.


Monday 16th of August 2010

Oh!! He is just precious and so sweet. We will come out and see you all soon.Love,Aunt Charlene


Monday 16th of August 2010

One of the first things my doctor said about Noah in the operating room was "look at that strawberry blonde hair!" I didn't know how she could tell this with him just being born and a bit icky still. In the hospital, I didn't think it looked red but I do think it looks a little red now that we're home. It looks more red when he's in natural light I think.

Mike and I think his hair looks similar in color to Mike's brother's hair and Madison had strawberry blonde hair when she was a baby too.


Sunday 15th of August 2010

Yay for pictures! It looks like his hair is a little red in the pictures, do you think it looks red?