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By The Numbers

I’m sorry my blog posts have been so wordy lately.Numbered List After I put up a new post, I always let Mike know so that he can read it. I am always amazed that it takes me so long to write it, but it takes him only a minute or two to read it. And I usually think of a thing or three that I forget to say every time I post.Tonight I thought I would attempt to be brief (for my sake and yours!)So, By the Numbers …Sleeping6 – Noah slept over 6 hours straight last night, from 9:30pm to 4:00am. When Mike woke up at 7:30am, he woke me up and asked if Noah ever woke up during the night. This reminds me to never leave my kids with Mike at night if he’s planning to be asleep at all.2 – Newly purchased swaddle blankets to match the swaddle blanket that I used last night and may have contributed to Noah’s longer sleep time.

Feeding2 – Ounces of breastmilk + 1 ounce of formula = 3 hours on average between feedings.3 – Ounces of formula + 0 ounces of breastmilk = a huge spitup for Noah. Not a good idea.
Entertainment71 – Brady Bunch re-runs that Emily likes to watch = Lots of Laughter at our house.2 – Brady Bunch songs on CD in the car, repeat repeatedly.6 or 7 – George Strait songs, for the kids of course.
School20 – Snacks for the Kindergarten class on Tuesday.1 – Show and Tell Item for Tuesday (possibly, a pink laptop computer).1 – Line leader for the day named Emily, also Tuesday.1 – B.E.E notebook (Bring Everything Everyday) that will contain daily papers and notes from the teacher.1 – Pair of new Skecher shoes for school.5 – New fall outfits, Thank you Nanny! Mama16 – Days Postpartum.5 – Pounds below pre-pregnancy weight, and still dropping.1 – Sore incision line, especially first thing in the morning and at the end of each day.1 – Ring finger that started hurting on Friday. Still swollen yesterday, but back to normal today. Still no idea what caused it to hurt.1 – Blessed lady. So thankful for my sweet family.
Family Day
4 – Wonderful family members.10 – People met us for lunch at Outback Steakhouse today.2 – Kids to Nanny’s house while Mom and Dad tackled Wal-mart. Thanks, Nanny!100 – Dollars spent although we only had a few things on our list. Why does this always happen?4 – More episodes of Brady Bunch.3 – Loads of laundry.1 – Delicious dinner.1 – Easy bedtime for Emily (We love to see that improvement!)1 – Early morning tomorrow and a busy day.
Good Night!