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Emily’s Little Brother

Well, we’ve been home from the hospital with Noah for a couple days now. We got to go home on Sunday evening. Nanny and Pops brought us some fajitas for supper and some pain medicine for me. Both were much appreciated!

Noah has done well at home. He’s eating and sleeping well. Right now, he usually goes between 3.5 and 4 hours between meals. We go to the doctor in the morning for our newborn checkup so we’ll see if he’s gaining well or if we will need to start waking him up to eat. He got down to 5lbs, 15oz in the hospital before we went home. That’s well within the normal range, but we want him to grow!

Emily has done well since we got home too. She is SO excited to see Noah when she wakes up in the morning and likes looking at him in his crib. She helps with diaper changes and feedings and any other way she can think of. At diaper changes she holds his hand and gives him his paci and says “it’s okay baby Noah, it’s okay”. Soooo sweet.

The first time Emily saw Noah was when they wheeled us by on the bed after surgery. Pops held her up and she looked really unsure about the whole thing. My mom said she seemed to be surprised at how small he was.

This is a picture of Emily holding Noah right after we got to our hospital room. He was maybe an hour or two old in this picture. I think it is just adorable how she is holding him so tight and snuggling him with her cheek.

It looks to me like whatever reservations she had about him were long gone by this point.
This afternoon, Emily helped with Noah’s first sponge bath at home. Of course, she wanted to put every kind of baby product on him imaginable – baby oil, baby lotion, baby powder. She did a good job helping and talking to him during his bath.He was not really excited about taking his first bath at home, but he did really well. He smelled so sweet and clean when we were done.
He must have felt really good because he took a long nap in Daddy’s arms after that.


Wednesday 11th of August 2010

He is absolutely precious!! Emily is so proud of her little brother and you can just see the love that she has for him in those pictures. Thanks for sharing. How are you doing? Are you recovery nicely? Take it easy and try to get some rest.



Wednesday 11th of August 2010

Thanks for posting those sweet pictures.

Aunt Charlene