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Huggies, what is your deal?

While we were in the hospital, they provided us with Pampers newborn diapers. These were fine, but they came up a little high near his umbilical cord stump and we were constantly having to fold them down on the top.

I always used Pampers when Emily was a baby and I liked the way they performed very well. But I had heard some bad stories about the new formulation of the Pampers diapers. I heard that it caused a lot of diaper rash and irritation in some infants. This weighed heavily on my mind because nobody wants their infant to have any type of discomfort if it can be prevented.

When we got home, we switched to Huggies newborn diapers. Within the first few days of being home, we noticed that the diapers often leaked. They leaked urine out the sides and they leaked poop out the top and around the legs.

This leakage happened multiple time a day and I think just about every night since we’ve been home. The other night, Noah woke up with a wet bed three different times. I’d had ENOUGH. Noah hates having his diaper changed and it’s worse when we have to change all his clothes and the bed at the same time.

And on top of that, Noah has had diaper rash since we have been home. We had been using Desitin on it, but our pediatrician recommended Aquaphor ointment. Both creams helped a little, but neither cleared up the rash completely.

So last night when we went to the store, we bought a big box of Pampers newborn diapers. We started using them immediately when we got home. Noah had NO LEAKS during the night last night. He had one huge poop today that went all the way to the edge of the leg openings, but didn’t come out of the diaper at all.

It’s still too early to tell about the diaper rash situation, but I hope the new diapers help clear that up as well.

See you later, Huggies. I don’t know what your deal is. Are your diapers not made to fit a 6lb 8oz baby?

Regardless, we’re sticking with Pampers for now.