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Mama’s Day Away

Mama’s Day Away

Let me just start by saying that this post is most definitely mis-labeled. It was not a day away, but it was a few glorious hours away.

This morning, I dropped Emily off at school and then Noah and I came home for a quick nap before getting ready to head over to Nanny and Poppa’s house to drop Noah off. All was well except that Noah woke up hungry. And while I was feeding him, he had a blowout. And it got all over my shirt. Not a fun way to start out my day away.

But better than nothing so we’ll take it. I dropped Noah off and made it to my hair appointment on time (thankfully).
My hair stylist normally uses a straight iron when she styles my hair. But I asked her to style it without using it this time because I have literally NO time to fix my hair in the mornings. Most mornings, it’s all I can do to get Noah fed and Emily to school on time.
She did a good job. When she was done, my hair looked smooth and shiny like she had used the flat iron. I don’t know she did it, but I hope I can fix it half as good in the morning. Sorry, no before and after pics of the hair.
After I got out of my appointment, I had to drop back by the house before I went to pick up Noah. It felt great to be out and about by myself. I stopped by Sonic and got a diet coke on my way home. And after my cup was empty, I ate all the ice! And I listened to the radio really loud. And I drove fast – well, within the speed limit but I was on the interstate for a change so it was fast to me.
Here is a picture of Noah sleeping in his bouncer.

And Grandmother requested a picture of Noah when he was awake so I took a picture in his swing this evening. Look at his hair!It was hard to get a good picture of him in his swing. Every time I would try to take a picture, his eyes would kinda bug out like this picture.Emily took a picture of herself for you, but it was a shot straight up her nose so I thought I should keep that one to myself. We will try again tomorrow.