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Noah – One Week Old

It’s hard to believe that Noah is already one week old. He is such a good baby. He eats about every 4 hours and sleeps much of the time in between. He has a few periods of wakefulness during the day and loves to look around and listen to people talk to him.

He likes having his bottom patted, but he hates the hiccups and having his diaper changed. Anything to do with his diaper is just the worst thing ever in his little world! He is a good eater, but he’s slow. He will get faster as he grows bigger, but right now I will just enjoy this special time with him.

In the evenings, he usually has Daddy time where he will curl up on Daddy’s chest and listen to Daddy talk or sing to him. I love watching them together. It is so sweet.

Sometimes Daddy even does double duty where he’ll hold both kids and talk to them. Isn’t he just a rock star???

On Wednesday, we had to take Noah to the doctor for his newborn checkup. I was worried about having to walk so far to the doctor’s office, but Mike helped me with everything I needed. He got the stroller out of the car, got Noah out of the car and handled everything for me.

The doctor said that Noah was looking good. He weighed 5lbs, 14oz which was 1oz smaller than when we left the hospital. Dr K thinks this is the bottom of the plateau and his weight should start coming back up now that my milk is coming in.

Noah has a couple spots of baby rash that we can treat with Neosporin ointment. Other than that, he’s doing great. He’s eating right on schedule and having plenty of wet and dirty diapers every day.

After we got out of the doctor’s office, we went back home to feed Noah. Then Mama and Daddy went out for a little lunch date. We went to Mazzio’s pizza for the lunch buffet. Here, again, Mike took care of everything I needed. He got my pizza for me and refilled my drink. Then we went over to Best Buy to find something for Emily for being such a good helper. While we were in the store, I noticed that I was beginning to walk slower and slower. My pain medicine had pretty much worn out and it was hard to get around.

Speaking of my pain medicine, one of the prescriptions that I take makes me very drowsy. I have been blessed to have my mom here for the past week so I have been getting some extra rest during the day. But I was realizing today that I will be home alone caring for two small children next week and I will have no room in my schedule for extra naps. So I am going to have to somehow wean myself off the heavy pain medication before Monday. I am sure I will need all my resources to make it through the first few days.

I am going to try to do better with updating my blog. I want to do a better job updating, but it is hard to choose computer time over sleep time. And I am sure that part will just get harder as we move into the next few weeks.

So ya’ll just pray for me and I’ll continue to do the best that I can.


Sunday 15th of August 2010

I'm glad you finally updated. I had been wondering what you guys had been up to. Can't wait to see some more pictures!