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Rain and Cooler Temps

This morning brought rain and cooler temps to our area. Unfortunately, it brought A LOT of rain and heavy rain at that. I was really concerned about how to get Emily into school while keeping her and Noah as dry as possible.
When I told Emily that it was raining, she went and put on her jacket and a pair of black gloves with pearls on them. And she grabbed a bath towel, her baby doll plus some extra clothes for her and several other things. All that along with her backpack and lunchbox was almost more than she could carry. I told her that she was not going to be able to carry all that out to the car with her.
When we got ready to go out to the car, I put a blanket over Noah’s carseat and grabbed his diaper bag. Emily wore her jacket and took her backpack and lunchbox and her doll. But she didn’t want to go out into the rain. I was trying to carry all my stuff and close the door and every time I turned around I kept bumping into her. Argh! By the time we made it to the car, I was soaking wet.
The rain had let up a little bit by the time we got to the school. Today was supposed to be Emily’s snack day, show ‘n tell and line leader day. But the teacher said that they had a new student and a birthday so the days got switched. Emily got to do her show ‘n tell today since she brought it, but her snack day and line leader day will be tomorrow.
When Noah and I got home, we ate breakfast and then took a long morning nap. We went to sleep around 9am and woke up at about noon. That was a good nap and much needed by both Mama and Noah. I’d say that was the highlight of our day.
Here are a few pictures of Emily and Noah from yesterday. This is before we left for school.

See how nice and neat Emily looks before school?

She looks nothing like that when she gets home. I wish I had an “after” picture.

But she is still a beautiful girl. She just plays really hard at school.

And here’s a picture of little man today when he was swinging in his swing. He’s using Emily’s old swing. I’m glad we saved it!