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Three Then Four

Three Then Four
Five years ago, we were very fortunate to become a family of three. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember being anxious about how things were going to go. I remember feeling sick and disoriented (thanks to some of the drugs I was given during my induction). I remember being so scared when they said I would have an emergency cesarean section. I remember feeling so emotional (and crying) and excited and blessed when Miss Emily was born. I remember the doctor saying “She’s so tiny!” and being surprised by this.
Here’s a picture of our family of three from five years ago. Mike put this very picture on our refrigerator a couple years ago and it’s still there today. Even though the picture is terrible (actually, the picture is fine – I just really looked like that), I still love my family.

And this year we grew to be a family of four. Even though Noah was born a short three weeks ago, I also remember this day like it was yesterday. I remember being SO nervous although I pretty much knew how things would go. I remember feeling emotional the entire time I was at the hospital before my surgery and worrying about being strong for Emily so that she would not be scared. I remember willing myself not to cry as they were wheeling me down the hall to the operating room. I remember the trouble with the spinal anesthesia (ouch!). I remember crying as soon as I saw Mike in the operating room. And crying when Noah was born and the doctor said “He’s so little!” I remember seeing the look on Emily’s face when she first saw her brother when the nurses stopped my bed beside the family on the way back to the recovery room. I remember feeling so thrilled and blessed and thankful when I finally had my family of four that I had been praying for so long.And here’s our first picture as a family of four. We ARE blessed.


Monday 30th of August 2010

What a beautiful family of four!!