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Two Weeks

This morning, Mike and I took Noah to his two-week doctor’s appointment. Noah weighed 6lbs 4oz and was 19 inches long. His weight, height and head circumference were all in the 5-10th percentile on the growth chart.

I told Dr. K that my milk supply has not been able to keep up with Noah’s needs in the last few days and I asked him if he thought it would benefit us to spend some time with a lactation consultant. He said he thought it would be worth our time because any breast milk that Noah gets is better than none. If he gets 30% breast milk, then that’s 30% benefit.

When the hospital called to schedule our appointment, I tried to get one with the lactation consultant that we saw in the hospital but she only works on the weekends and the weekend ladies only see in-patients. I hope whoever we see next week is as good as the one who helped us in the hospital.

Two Days

Today was also Emily’s second day of Kindergarten. When I dropped her off this morning, she gave her teacher another hug. She came home this afternoon and said that she had a good day. She brought home two pictures that she had drawn and they were both pictures of Emily, Noah, Mama and Daddy. And they both said LOVE. I guess she does think about us during the day.

This evening, I noticed that Emily’s lunch box already has a rip in the back of it. I have no idea how that happened within the first two days of school. I guess these companies just don’t make quality products any more. How sad.

We’ll have to figure out our morning schedule for next week when Mike is back at work. Newborns can have such unpredictable schedules. It will be hard to make sure Noah is satisfied before we have to leave for school. He can be such a slow eater. This could be a problem if we’re pressed for time.
Two Wonderful Children
And look at those perfectly kissable cheeks!