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Water, Water Everywhere

Last week, we had a plumber come out to check out a leak that was causing water to accumulate outside our house. We thought this leak was coming from the kids bathroom, most likely the bathtub.

The plumber checked it out and found out that the water accumulating outside the house was actually from the air conditioner unit. He dug around and found a condensation pipe that was the source of the water.

So, help! What do we do to get rid of all this water? How do we keep it from coming back? He said something about getting a can for it to drain into, but I don’t know.

The white pipe in the middle of the screen is what I’m talking about.

Do you see the frog under the water on the left side of this picture? And I have no idea what that thing is right beside the white pipe. Maybe a dead mouse????

So tell me what you think. Plumbing and heat & air is SO not my thing!