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What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, Noah was content and took a couple good naps during the day. Today he was unsettled and took a few little naps of 20 minutes or less. It’s like a complete 360 degree change.

He did take a pretty good nap this evening and then went to bed at about 8:00pm. I hope this does not mess up his nighttime sleep schedule. We have been doing pretty good at night, only getting up once at about 1am. Except for the daily poop at around 5am. This wakes him up every time and it’s hard to get him back to sleep.

We have been getting a lot of rain today from the remnants of tropical storm Hermine. The rain makes it soooo difficult to get Emily into the school while carrying Noah in his carseat. And today, of all days, I needed to stop and get gas really bad. Perfect timing, right?

Hopefully Hermine will be out of here by tomorrow morning because we’re having company. Grandmother is coming up for Grandparents Day at Emily’s school on Friday. I think she’s coming to see Noah too.

Poppa has been out the last few nights to work on our dryer. The dryer works, but the timer was not working right. After dealing with a (new) bad part, Poppa finally got the dryer working tonight. I say new bad part because the store said the part tested good, but it didnt work. So Poppa had to get creative to get it all to work!

Well, sorry about any misspellings tonight. I’m attempting to post from my phone since our internet connection is spotty due to all the rain tonight. Hopefully I’ll have some new pics tomorrow.

Danielle Taylor

Thursday 9th of September 2010

All this rain is crazy here today!! It was pouring when I picked my girls up from MDO but luckily my husband came with me to get them!