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I have a problem – I feel like I have too many bags.

When I was working, I always carried my purse and my laptop bag and my lunch bag. Now that I’m staying home, I’ve been carrying all my “stuff” in Noah’s diaper bag. His diaper bag had a detachable pouch that I’ve been using to hold my stuff. Everything doesn’t fit, but I can stuff the other things into some of the outside pockets on the bag.

Now that I’m going to be going back to work in a few days, I’m thinking I don’t want to carry a separate purse. I need something that I can throw in the diaper bag or throw in the laptop bag or carry on its own. Does something like this exist? Does it make sense to try to not carry a separate purse?

My biggest fear is that I will forget to get my stuff out of one of the bags and I’ll end up without my driver’s license or my credit card or something. If I have to carry a separate purse to make sure I have all my stuff, then that’s what I’ll have to do.