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Busy Times

Lets do something fun. Make sense using four. Or maybe less.

  • Went to the doctor. Got a good report. Said incision’s healing well. Poor Noah was hungry. And screaming. Fed him in lobby. Then he slept.
  • Baby’s been gassy. Poor thing. Going to change formula. Again. Maybe milk allergy? Just like dad.
  • Kindergarten’s going well. Emily was line leader. And brought snacks. And suckers from Disney. Teacher got a bracelet. Show-n-Tell was Stephanie. (Was that four? Or five?)
  • Been hot outside. Some leaves are changing. Fall’s coming next week.

Some Pics For You

My sweet children. One a little cross eyed. Bless his heart. She loves him though.
Watching the mobile. Elephants and Hippos. Lasted 5 minutes. Or less. Oh well.

This face I love. He’s got big eyes. Waiting for first smile. Working toward it daily.
One sentence with five. Did you see it? Spellcheck made me do it. Oops another five. Ha! Good night!