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Clean and Shiny

Tonight, our baby boy got clean and shiny. Emily, Mike, and I gave Noah his first bath in the baby bathtub. He did really good and I even think he liked it a tiny bit. My job was to use the washcloth to clean the baby. Mike’s job was to take pictures and to look out for danger. (I will admit that I did almost knock his head on the cabinet when I was getting him out of the tub.) Emily’s job was to use her hands to touch baby as many places as possible as quickly as possible.

I covered him up with a towel while he was in the tub so that he would not get cold. The towel got soaking wet, but that was okay.

Now, I will admit that there was a little fussing on Noah’s part. But it really didn’t last long.
(Look at all that chub!!!)

After we were done with the bath, Emily and I put baby lotion allll over Noah and then put a clean sleeper on him. And then he was clean and shiny and satisfied. He sat with me for almost an hour before it was time for his nighttime bottle.

The Nights

Last night, Noah took his nighttime bottle at about 8:00pm and then slept until 12:30. Then I fixed him his cereal bottle and he slept until 5:30am. I still had to get up twice during the night, but I got to sleep longer between feedings.
We’ll have to keep working out the kinks in our schedule until we all get some more sleep. It seemed like the extra sleep benefited Noah today. He was not as fussy today as he had been the last few days.
Sunday Lunch
We went to lunch with Poppa at Charleston’s today. He’s leading a bachelor life this week since Nanny is on vacation. Emily was all excited that she got to sit by Poppa. Noah got to sit with Poppa for a few minutes too. I took my camera and meant to get some pictures, but my hands were pretty full and I just plain forgot.
And Tomorrow
Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Labor Day by laboring. Mike has the day off so we have planned a day of working around the house and in the yard.
I hope you all have a great holiday!