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A Few More Pictures

Last night before Noah went to bed, I was able to get some pictures of him with his eyes open. He really is awake more and more during the day, but I’m usually holding him and talking to him during those times. It’s hard to take pictures with him in my arms. But these were some pictures after he got his diaper changed.

One of these days, I am going to have to start putting him in all his newborn sized outfits and taking his picture on them. We have quite a few sleeveless or shorts outfits in newborn, but I feel like it’s too cool in the house for him to wear some of those all day. Maybe I can just put him in them for short trips – like picking up Emily from school in the afternoons.

Speaking of Emily’s school, she is selling Blue and Gold Sausage as a school fundraiser. This year, we’re selling sausage, bacon, and chicken strips. If you want to order some, please let me know. Orders have to be turned in by September 10th and I think the products will be back I think on September 20th.
Still Connected
Noah’s umbilical cord stump is still hanging on. The last time we went to the doctor, he said that it will fall off when it’s good and ready to fall out. He said he has seen some babies that don’t lose their cord stump until they are about 6 weeks of age. I am ready for Noah to lose the stump so that Emily and I can give him a bath in the baby bath tub. I am sure he will love it. (Love it so much that he’ll scream and cry the whole time, I am sure.)
I am going to have to start looking at Noah’s clothes to see what outfits are newborn sized. We have a lot of sleeveless and shorts outfits in newborn size that he has not even worn yet. I think it is too cool in the house to wear an outfit like that all day. We might have to pull some out and wear them on quick outings – like when we go pick up Emily from school. I definitely need to get his picture in some of the cute summer outfits that he has before summer is gone.