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We used to have a dog. He was a Bassett Hound named Fred. This is Fred.

We used to feed Fred a generic brand dog food. He seemed to like it very much and ate a lot of it. Then the vet told us that the generic brand dog food was like feeding your dog Snickers. It tastes really good, but does not have much nutritional value.

We recently started Noah on a generic brand infant formula. When the powder is mixed with water, it resembles melted ice cream. Maybe feeding your infant a generic brand formula is like feeding them melted ice cream. (I know the generic infant formula has the same nutritional value as the name brands, but this is what always comes to my mind when I see this generic formula that looks lke melted ice cream.)

The new formula is Parents Choice Sensitive. It’s the same as Similac Sensitivity and is a low lactose formula. Noah seems to like it. He still has some gas and is fussy sometimes, but I think it’s better than it was before. It’s got to be better – the last formula we tried he would hardly even eat.

I have a picture for you from early this morning. It looks like Noah was fussing, but he was really talking – “Hey Sissy, come get me I love you and miss you.”

When Noah took his bottle this morning before school, he drank more than usual. I put him in his swing for a few minutes while I fixed Emily’s hair and he threw up all over himself and the swing. I had to clean him up and change his clothes before we could leave for school. We were a little later than usual, but we still made it to school on time.


Monday 27th of September 2010

I love the pic of her looking at him in the crib. How precious!