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Kindergarten Love Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Kindergarten Love post. If you missed the first part, you can CLICK HERE.

So Jaydon’s mom told me that Emily had written him the sweetest note at school the day before. She said it was a picture of Jaydon and Emily holding hands. And she had written I LOVE YOU JAYDON on it. Jaydon’s mom said she was going to put it in his Kindergarten scrapbook.

Emily has such a sweet heart. One of her favorite things to do at home is write notes to everyone. She knows how to spell the names of everyone in our family, except mine. She does not know how to spell many words, but she knows how to spell I Love You. She puts that on just about every note she writes.

Emily is all the time asking us how to spell words that she doesn’t know. Sometimes it’s the name of a family member and sometimes it’s another word. One day I got smart and spelled out all the names of our extended family members on a piece of paper. But that didn’t last long. I think she lost the paper. I guess it’s back to spelling words.