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Name That Photo

The weekend went so fast for us. It did not escape me that this was the last weekend before I have to go back to work. I wanted to have some fun but at the same time get some things done before my maternity leave ends.

On Saturday afternoon, Emily and I went shopping with the boys stayed home and watched football. We got some cool weather outfits for Noah and a couple dresses for Emily. If you know Emily, you know that she LOVES to wear dresses so she was all over this shopping trip. Emily would wear a dress every day if I would let her. But for school I tell her that she has to wear shorts underneath her dresses and that’s not so appealing to her.

We got a few outfits for Noah and a couple pairs of pajamas. He’s wearing one of his new outfits in the picture below. It also has a pair of tan pants and a cute hoodie. And a pair of blue and green shoes that coordinate with it.

I though the picture below was really cute, but it needs a caption. What do you think?