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Oklahoma State Fair 2010

This weekend, we went to the great state fair of Oklahoma.

Nanny got us tickets to the Disney on Ice show. I thought the show was really cute. I think Emily was most interested in eating candy. And Noah was most interested in eating and then sleeping.

Emily wanted to play some games. She actually did pretty good at the game where you pop the balloons with the darts. She won 4 or 5 prizes that day I think.Dad helped Emily with some of the games too.

I meant to get more pictures, but I had my hands full with this little cutie pie. He was really good while we were at the fair. He slept in his stroller most of the time.

It was really hot at the fair this year. We were going from shady spot to shady spot trying to stay cool. It still didn’t work though.It was nice to do something fun and spend time together as a family.