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Suited for Success

Suited for Success

Okay so I have tried several times to take pictures of Noah in his new outfits. But he always does weird things with his eyes. These are the best ones I could get.

“Mommy’s Little Tough Guy” – His first overalls!

This one says “Feed me or I’ll snap!” and that was very fitting for today.

I tried out the Bumbo baby seat today too. This was the first picture and it just went down hill from there. I don’t think he’s old enough to appreciate it yet.

Noah has the baby sniffles today. His nose is just kinda stuffy and I have used the nasal aspirator on him several times. Fortunately, he has not figured out that he’s supposed to hate that thing. Or maybe he just appreciates being able to breathe better.

This morning, we very much overslept. Noah woke up to eat at 2am and it took him a while to get soundly back to sleep. (See comment about sniffles above.) When I woke up at 6:30am, Emily was in our bed and I have no idea when she got there.

Printer That Won’t Print
We’ve been having a problem with our printer for the last few months. When we turn it on, it gives an error message “An Error Has Occurred” and will not do anything else. I’ve been meaning to call about it since I have not been able to print a single picture of my new baby. Seriously, I do not have one single print of Noah. Not one.
So this afternoon after doing a bit of internet research, I called up the company’s technical support line. I calmly explained the problem and all the steps I went through to try to diagnose the problem myself (with the help of the company’s online FAQ). And the lady just offered to send me a replacement printer free of charge. And some new ink cartridges. Free of charge. Me thinks they have seen this problem at least a thousand times before.
She said they would send my replacement and I should receive it in 5-7 business days. But I said that I couldn’t wait that long. (Thanks to my internet research, I learned that someone else tried this and the company shipped their printer overnight.)
So the representative offered to send my replacement printer overnight. Except that I’d already missed the cutoff today so it will be shipped tomorrow. Except that tomorrow is Friday and they don’t delivery on the weekends. And except that Monday is a holiday so I should receive it on Tuesday. Okay fine. And my free ink cartridges will not be shipped overnight. Okay fine.
I have to ship the old printer back to them within 7 business days of receiving the replacement. That’s fine. Saves me from having to dispose of a big old piece of worthless junk.
So by next Tuesday night, I’ll be printing lots of pictures. And I can’t wait!