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Sunday School

This morning was our first day back to Sunday School since Noah was born. We had a hard time getting up and dressed in time, but we made it okay. The weather turned cooler overnight and we were not really prepared for that. Noah didn’t really have any dress clothes that were warm. Emily didn’t have any fall shoes that fit. But we made the best choices we could and ran out the door.

I wanted to get some pictures of Noah going to church the first time, but I didn’t really have time before we left. And he pooped on his outfit at Sunday School so I didn’t do it when we got home either.

This was the first week I got to see our new Sunday School class. Promotion Sunday was just a couple days after Noah was born so we have been gone the whole time. They were sooooo cute! We had four kids – three little girls and one boy. Most of the kids did not say very much, but I am sure they will come out of their shell before the year is up.

I got to tell the Bible story. It was about Jesus going to church for the first time when he was 40 days old. How special that this was our story the first week that Noah came to church. He stayed in our classroom and Mike held him most of the time.

All the boys and girls tried to say their memory verse and it was soooo sweet. They all got stickers for trying and then we made strawberry scented playdoh. 5t was a great morning.

After Sunday School, we stopped by the grocery store and later went to lunch with Mike’s parents. We went to Ted’s and had a really good time. Emily and Noah were both really good and it was nice to have some adult conversation.

Here are some pictures of Noah from tonight. This is his alternate church outfit. He managed to keep it clean the rest of the day.

He’s holding his head up so well.

Surprisingly, he kept these socks on all day. Who is this? Elvis?


Tuesday 5th of October 2010

So cute! I cant wait to see him...and you!


Monday 4th of October 2010

Oh and also Noah was only 18 days older than Jesus was when he wentto church for the 1st time.



Monday 4th of October 2010

What can I say except that he'ssooooooooo cute!

Nanny and Poppa