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The Smiles Have It

The Smiles Have It

The other night after supper, Mike was holding Noah while I was cleaning up the kitchen. Emily was running around and jumping all over the place. And Noah was turning his head to watch her and see where she went.

Emily realized Noah was watching her and that got her tickled. She would walk in front of him and laugh when his eyes followed her. And her laughing got him to laughing. And pretty soon, we were all laughing.

I loved seeing them interacting with one another. They are both always interested in what the other one is doing. It is going to be fun watching they change as they grow up.

Here are some pictures of Noah that we took this weekend. Mike was making him smile and talk and I snapped a few pics.

And then he fell asleep. No, he didn’t just fall asleep there. He fell asleep in my arms and I set him down there.