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Party Party Party

How can I let my 33rd birthday go by without a blog post?  Just like I let everything else go by, I guess.  Ha!

But first …

Emily did SO good at her Christmas program at school last week.  She got up there and sang her little heart out with her class!  I have never seen her soooo animated up on stage.  Her class sang a few Christmas songs and she was certainly the prettiest one up there.

Cousin Mason’s class sang some songs too.  He did good too!  I think he did more dancing than singing though.  All the kids were so cute up there during their performance.

Several family members came out to see Emily and Mason.  We were so thrilled to see such a nice cheering section.  We are truly blessed!

Birthday Bonanza

On Sunday after church, Mike and I took the kids to Bass Pro to see Santa.  But, first, we drove around in the car for a while because Noah was taking a nap.  Mike drove Emily by the News 9 studio so that she could see where Gary England works. 

Then we went on to Bass Pro, but Santa was not there.  He was not supposed to arrive until later. So we looked around a while and then went and sat on a bench by the fish and fed Noah a bottle.  Emily was very interested in what all the big fish were doing.

After Noah drank his bottle, we went over to Toby Keith’s for my birthday party.  We got there early so they were not busy.  We got seated quickly with our party of 15.  Noah saw my birthday balloons and got mad, but he was fine after that.  More about the balloons another day.

It was a great birthday.  Emily was soooo into my birthday this year. She went shopping with her dad to pick out my card and my presents.  She was so proud of herself, but she had a hard time keeping a secret.  Sweet girl.

I love my family!!!!  Thank you for making my birthday wonderful once again.