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A Tooth

Tonight after Noah drank his night night bottle, I checked his gums for any sign of teeth.  He was pretty fussy yesterday so I know it’s coming soon.  So tonight I checked and I thought I could feel a tip of a tiny tooth poking out of his gums.

So … now this is the part that he’ll be laughing at when he gets older and reads this blog post about his first tooth … but I pulled out my iPhone and pulled up my flashlight app .. and turned on the flashlight so that I could look into his mouth and see his teeny tiny tooth.  And I could really see it!
My baby has a tooth!  My baby has a tooth!  My baby has a real live tooth!

Yep, this post will definitely embarrass him one of these days.  But it’s okay.  It’s not every day that your baby gets his first tooth.

I will try to get a picture of this little pearl in the next few days.  It’s not easy to get a picture inside a baby’s mouth though.  We’ll see what we can do.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!