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The Way He Sleeps

I have mentioned before that Noah likes to sleep with his blanket over his head. That always worried me so we bought him a wearable blanket that you zip up so that he can’t get it over his face. It’s supposed to help reduce the risk of SIDS. Sounds great to me.

But Noah would not sleep with his wearable blanket on. Bedtime would drag on and on every night as he tried to go to sleep but cried and cried instead.

So one night, I put the wearable blanket (it’s a microfiber Sleep Sack, by the way.). Then I put a light waffle weave blanket over him. He immediately pulled it over his face and was asleep in minutes.

So every night I let him put the blanket over his face. Then I wait a few minutes until he goes to sleep. Then I go in there and take the extra blanket off his face and out of his bed.

So far he had not woken up in the night looking for his blanket.

Sooo … Is there a safe way to let him have a blanket in his bed? Or is he just too young right now?

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