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Bunny Tracks and Other Furry Friends

Bunny Tracks and Other Furry Friends
This post is a continuation of the Bunny Tracks blog.  I was not able to upload my iPhone pictures to the same post as my regular pictures.  And thus the need for separate posts.
So … these tracks look pretty interesting, but I don’t know what kind of animal made them.
This must be an animal crossing area.

Thinking this is probably more kitty cat?

I’m not sure what this one is … a one-legged sloth?
No, I really have no idea.
Emily wore her suede boots when we went outside – and they got completely soaked.  And when we got back in the house, she said her feet were freezing.  She took off her cold, wet boots … and her feet were sockless. Ack!  Total parenting fail right there.
(Consequently, we bought her some cute rubber boots today.  More on that later!)