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Fave iPhone App – iRewardChart

The other week, I was browsing the iPhone app store and I ran across an app called iRewardChart. It is basically a way to keep track of and reward good behavior.

You can set up daily tasks for each child and they are awarded stars when they complete the task or display the appropriate behavior. The app gives you a lot of tasks to choose from or you can make up your own.

For Emily, I used some of the presets and made up some of my own. One of my custom additions is “Good Family Member Award”. This is where she can earn stars for going above and beyond. This could be things like helping mom and dad or being extra helpful with Noah.

Then after she earns stars, she can look at the list of rewards and choose what she wants. This list of awards is also customizable.

I have not set our rewards and their values yet. Really, the stars themselves seem to be a good motivator for Emily. But we will set some rewards soon.

One thing I don’t like about this app is that Mike can’t see the reward chart from his phone and we can’t view it online. It would be nice if Mike was able to update Emily’s chart too.

Emily really likes checking her chart every night. We talk about her behavior and decide which stars she has earned.

So far, it is working for us. Emily has only come out of her room after lights out one night this week. I like that improvement!

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