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Silent Prayer Time

Well, believe it or not we got another couple inches of snow today. I guess I did not watch the weather very closely this morning. I saw that Texas was getting some snow, but I did not realize it was going to affect me at all. Boy was I wrong.

This morning after I dropped off the kids at Nanny and Poppa’s, I decided to go to work a different way than I went the day before. The day before, I just went and hopped on the nearby interstate to avoid the snow mess on the side roads. This meant a longer trip around the city via interstate but at least I avoided the city streets.

Today I decided to go my normal route which is to cut across a smallish, less traveled street to reach a different more direct interstate. It did not take me long to figure out that this was a bad choice.

In some spots, the road was down to one lane. Not one lane in each direction, but one lane only. At one point, I kid you not, it was one lane up a hill! I was so scared and praying a big truck did not top that hill headed right for me.

Luckily, I made it to work okay but I will probably not take that road again until spring!!!

That prayerful trip reminds me of something that happened our first day out in the snow. I was driving that morning with Emily and Noah. Emily was just wearing me out with questions. One of her favorite topics right now is what she was like when she was a baby. “Mom, when I was a baby did I smile at you?” ” When I was a baby, did I wear the same pajamas as Noah? Did I have a bear suit? Did I hold my bottle when I ate? Did you change my stinky diapers?” “Mom, does Noah have teeny tiny toes?”

I was trying to keep my little car on the road and needed to concentrate. So I told Emily that we needed to have some silent prayer time. Who can argue with prayer time, right? Every time she would ask another question, I would ask her to keep praying that we would arrive safely at Nanny’s.

This morning when we arrived at Nanny’s, Emily said “Mom, did I do good not asking you questions today?” I said she did an excellent job and she said “and I didn’t even need silent prayer time today.” Ha!

File under: how to keep kids quieter in the car

Result: Success!

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Saturday 5th of February 2011

Emily is so smart and soooo cute!!!Nanny and Poppa's little cutie.We just love her.